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Aluminum permanent mold casting

KokillengussPermanent mold casting

Permanent mold casting - a precision casting technique

Quick heat emission results into a fine-grained density with top mechanical properties, a high degree of accuracy in measurement and surface quality, as well as excellent outline reproduction in our permanent mold casting parts. Finished mold cast-in parts, as for instance bushing threads or bolts, drilled holes and penetrations can be cast-in without any problem.

Because of their excellent features, permanent mold casting parts are being applied in almost all industrial fields. Even the requirement for fittings with density in gas and fluid has been fully accomplished by this method.

Permanent mold casting even then proves economical benefit, if the required number of pieces is not exceeding 1000 parts.
Fast and efficient casting procedure and a relatively small number of after-treatments lead to this evidence.
Profitability of permanent mold casting technique and its machining advantages improve with the demands on quality and the surface structure of the aluminum casting part.

Casting procedure

Casting into metallic permanent molds (tools) takes place in using the force of gravity. For an easy withdrawal of the finished molding pieces, these tools are made of two or even more parts.
The extreme heat conductivity of the permanent mold leads to an acceleration of the solidified melting charge and results into the fine-grained density with very good strength properties.