WVG alu-tec GmbH - Research and Development

Construction - research and development

Konstruktion - ForschungConstruction - research
Please call on our know-how and service, securing an innovative and economical construction and development of your products.
Due to our expanded construction- and development department we are able to offer optimal service, even in the field of product development.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) - construction and production optimization

Our company consequently makes use of latest CAD systems. Construction, based on CAD, enables on the basis of design data, early simulations and tests with virtual prototypes.
Operation schedule on basis of 3D data, combined with many years of experience - particularly with the raw material aluminum and its characteristics - stands for optimal results and a maximum of profitability.

High precision in our CAD constructions and their realization are being guaranteed through our most modern CNC machines.

Programming of steering processes

Our construction department places NC programs at your disposal - individually and optimized for the development of your products.
We do program steering processes for your product development directly in our plant, and we are having recourse to a big contingent of post processors.