WVG alu-tec GmbH - Symbiose aus Formenbau und Aluminium-Kokillenguss

Mechanical treatment of aluminum

Mechanische BearbeitungMechanical treatment
Fittings, drillings, graded surfaces and threads usually are being manufactured with subsequent mechanical treatment.
WVG alu-tec GmbH developed individual special solutions, tailored to your intended purpose.
We always count with the back-up of high precision and latest CNC-technique.

CAM- und CNC- technique

In using latest steering techniques with high uniformity precision, CNC machines (Computerized Numerical Control) put us into position to manufacture automatically also components to be used for complex molds.

Steering lay-outs are being developed, programmed and implemented by CAD-programs. With this technique hand-tooled machines are being exceeded concerning precision and speed.

With our CNC machines we show a high precision in circulation - precision in the range of micrometers ().
But precision in finishing is only effective, if the aluminum casting itself is already provided with a first-class quality.

Precision and superior workmanship is the device of WVG alu-tec GmbH.