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Quality Standards

Unser QualitätsstandardQuality Standards

Our know-how secures your advantage in competition

Aluminum is not equivalent to aluminum. Advantages of a broad variety spectrum only come true by being provided with the corresponding and comprehensive Know-how.
The whole staff of WVG alu-tec GmbH guarantees precise knowledge in processing of conventional and specific properties as well. Our plant works up to finished products about 250 tons of aluminum per year.
The choices of alloy, different ways of melting treatment and actions to be taken during the casting procedure - by way of controlling the setting - are important steps, to be co-ordinated with our customers in advance.

Aluminum casting parts of top quality level

Light weights are special features of Alu-casting parts.
Aluminum casting is extremely corrosion-resistant and weatherproof - a real "All-rounder" among the casting parts. There is almost no field for aluminum elements not to be brought into action.

No matter what numbers of pieces are to be cast - the parts are always conforming to standard. Production of filigree elements with wall thicknesses starting from 2 mm fulfils highest quality standards.
Clean and high-class manufacturing enables us to multiply Alu-casting parts at always constant quality level. This allows us to insert your company logo directly into the product.

On a production area of about 2000 qm² hydraulic and electronic casting machines guarantee a 100 % compatibility of our products. Modern CAD-CNC equipment is indispensable in product development and manufacturing.

Put to the acid test - Quality assurance

After casting, each piece has to pass a strict quality control. Only goods, meeting our own high quality requirements, are allowed to leave our factory.