WVG alu-tec GmbH - Symbiose aus Formenbau und Aluminium-Kokillenguss

Surface finishing: plated & varnished

beschichtet & lackiertPlated & varnished
In plating aluminum parts, one or more coatings are to be applied electro-statically on the basic material.

We are able to realize any disposable colour and any special request of our customers.

The method of plating depends on the specific technical and functional demands of the final product as well as of the decorative aspects.

Chemical or mechanical pre- or after-treatments of the work piece are always indispensable.

WVG alu-tec GmbH is provided with high productive power and able to plate your product even in small series, starting with 50 pieces, within a short time and of prime quality level.

Specifications and benefits

  • Protection against wastage
  • Corrosion-resistance in aluminum-plating
  • Anti-adhesive characteristics and sliding capacity of the coating
  • Heat isolation because of aluminum finishing
  • Paint- and varnish-application on the aluminum surface
  • Electric plating conductivity
  • Electric plating isolation