System supplier for technical products

System supplier for technical products

In close cooperation with your designers, we find the solution to make an idea tangible. Even complex components can often be realized in the aluminum casting process.

Your competent partner for consultation, development and production of aluminum casting components.

Our services.

WVG alu-tec GmbH is specialized in development and production of aluminum casting elements.

One of our strengths is the high flexibility in realizing ideas and requirements of our customers, in connection with manufacturing products, satisfying an exceptionally high degree of quality. We produce components made of aluminum casting for different branches, as there are electrics, furniture, automobiles, pumps, mechanical engineering, equipment- and medical industries.

High quality standards and customers satisfaction - WVG alu-tec GmbH devoted themselves to reach these goals. Being a reliable partner of high-standard and innovative complete solutions, we are fully established in the casting business.

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Construction: Research and development (R&D)
  • CAD / CAM
  • Casting and tooling
  • Raw casting components in sand casting and permanent mould casting technique
  • Mechanical processing: CNC-processing
  • Surface finishing
  • Assembling
  • Manufacturing and logistics

Development at the highest level.
The Alu - Tec process.

From conception up to the completed product and even beyond that, in manufacturing and logistics we are always ambitioned to be a competent partner for consultation, research and development, production and surface finishing of aluminum castings.

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The right procedure for the right product.


Depending on the project, we use two different methods for producing prototypes - the creation of a model using 3D plastic printing and sand casting modeling. Following prototype analysis, design, shape, assembly, feasibility and strength corrections can be made as needed to work towards a flawless end product.

Permanent mold casting

A Precision Casting Process - The fast heat dissipation of the chill cast aluminum parts results in a fine-grained, dense microstructure with ideal mechanical properties, high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, as well as perfectly contoured reproduction.

Finished cast-in parts, such as threaded bushings or bolts as well as holes and openings can be easily integrated into the component.