The WVG alu-tec GmbH produces aluminium components and refined their surfaces through chrome plating, polishing or brush according to your special wishes.

plated & varnished

We are able to realize any disposable colour and any special request of our customers.

The method of plating depends on the specific technical and functional demands of the final product as well as of the decorative aspects.

Chemical or mechanical pre- or after-treatments of the work piece are always indispensable.
WVG alu-tec GmbH is provided with high productive power and able to plate your product even in small series, starting with 5 piece, within a short time and of prime quality level.


  • Protection against wastage
  • Corrosion-resistance in aluminum-plating
  • Anti-adhesive characteristics and sliding capacity of the coating
  • Heat isolation because of aluminum finishing
Aluminium - Beschichtung

During the coating process of aluminum plant parts one applied electrostatically to multiple layers on the base material.

chrome-plated, brushed & polished

Aluminium - Verchromen

Through the final treatment, either brushing or polishing, the surface can be styled either decoratively frosted or lustre.

Final chrome-plating secures an intensive lustre and additional protection of the surface. Chromatics means to apply a protection layer on the material surface.

Chrome-finish, either lustre, frosted or gold-plated

Chrome-plating is a procedure of electro-plating-technique. During this procedure, aluminum parts, already electro-plated or cadmium-plated, are to be hot-dipped into a solvent with chrome-blending.

Chromatics is an autonomous, anti-corrosive protection. There is no need of further surface protection.

Depending on the design concept, we can refine your product into chrome-frosted or -lustre. Our company also adopted a new procedure in surface design and extended its great variety with the technique of electro-gilding.


  • Surfaces of strained parts are mar-resistant
  • Impressively decorative surfaces with intensive lustre
  • Tarnish resistance and excellent corrosive protection


Electric oxidation of metal surfaces is called anodize.

It can be used only aluminum, being qualified for anodize and with special features of a low share of silicone and iron.

The result is an extremely hard and mar-resistant surface.

To reach this special effect, we use no foreign substances - different to other finishing procedures. In this way we maintain the metallic character of the aluminum and ensure a solid protection against corrosion.

On special request we also dye the material, at which the colour is part of the eloxal layer and therefore very well protected against abrasion and chemical influences.


  • Anodize material is highly suitable to outside applications
  • Safe protection against corrosion
  • Extremely temper and mar-resistant surface
  • Mar-resistant and non-fading colours
  • The eloxal layer is non-conductive electricity
  • Almost no maintenance because of being insensitive to scratches
  • Any desired colour can be realized


Electronic coating of aluminum and aluminum components with nickel-phosphor alloy (Niphos).

This creates a surface, being stabil against corrosion and stands out for an excellent permanency as well as for solid, wear-resistant final layers.

Caused thorough a portion of phosphor, Niphos surface is not ferromagnetic.

Niphos-refined aluminum surfaces preserve a valuable high-grade steel look, which gives, compared to chrome surfaces, a much warmer impression of its colour feature.


  • excellent resistance against wear and tear stress
  • high corrosion resistance
  • good environmental performance, as free of heavy metals
  • refined and high-quality look (stainless look)